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Monumento National a la Bandera viewed over the memorial flame

The designer of the Argentina flag is buried below this tower

Pops relaxing underneath colourful trees

Parque Independencia with colourful transport if required

The Rio Parana with cafe, BBQs and climbing wall on the day...

The sun did shine, for 3 days at least and then the heavons opened and did the rain come down!!! Stopping only for a brief period to allow us to do a few jobs just before the night came to an end. The rest of that day was spentrelaxing in the hostel with just the owner for company, but not a bad thing considering he made us a very nice sausage and rice dish!

The rest of our time in Rosario was spent mostly on the river front. An international food fair started just after we arrived and although very busy, was entertaining, with plenty of food (although a lot of countries seem to specialise in Kebebs) and lots of dancing and shows.

When the sun did shine, it shone hot and the locals came out in force to sunbathe. As we strolled along the river we spent time relaxing in the shade of the trees and doing a bit of serious R & R.

The highlight of the short stay in the city was the firework display to finish the first night of the food fair. Situated around the flag monument, it was pretty good as firework shows go and we seemed to have the best seats in the house just next to eternal flame. Probably fitting that we saw the display, what with us being away from bonfire night back in England.

We have tho, come to the conclusion that we are probably spending too much time in big cities and therefore will probably try and avoid them more in the coming future. Only so many cities you can stay in after a while, time to get back to nature maybe?????

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