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The rain in Goa falls mainly on the.....well it only rained the...

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In all honesty, Goa is a bit off a disappointment. Although the beaches are stunning, to get to them (150yds away) you pass 50 stall-holders all jumping at you to come in and when you get to the beach, you get targetted by kids trying to sell you more things who will walk along behind you for 5 minutes AFTER you've said 'No' (20 times), talking to the back of your head. My technique is more to ignore them, Susie's technique is to repeat the word 'no' 500 times without pausing for breath and without giving them a chance to get a word in - the jury's still out on which is the most effective !

The 6 pounds per night (mid-range for this place) hotel with pool has been a sanctuary and it has just dawned on me that instead of travelling around the world for 6 months, we could possibly afford to stay in Goa for 24 months instead ! It's just a shame the culture is sell, sell, sell !

Susie also has to put up with being the prefered diet of the mosquitos as she has been nibbled on approx 10 times whereas I remain unpalatable to them (yes, yes, I'm sure they only like clean people !)

Speaking to other travellers, it seems like India and S. America will be the toughest places to travel, so this is a bit of a baptism of fire and S.East Asia should be less pressured.

I also got my first crash-weight loss opportunity with a spot of food poisoning which only had me laid up for 1 day but affected my appetite for a week. Looking forward to seeing what's under my 'winter coat' after all this time, is there a 6-pack trying to get out ?? Well, it'll take more than one bout of food-poisoning to discover that, so fingers crossed for more !

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