FOR THE LOVE OF TEACHING: Thailand 2007 travel blog

A Temple in Chiang Rai

Long neck people rings... Can you imagine? It's bigger than my neck,...

Me with the Akha Tribe. I have never felt SO HUGE!

Crossing into Burma!

The golden triangle

My first "speedy" longboat ride (To Laos)...EEKK!!

The first friend I made in Laos :)

Tiger Penis whiskey... I was SERIOUS!

The love swing :) I love this! Everyone in the village ,must...

Me with 2 of the long neck girls :) I love their...

So little... she has rings too!



Today was PACKED!

Jess (poor thing) was super sick so I did this leg solo...

(The Golden Triangle: Thailand/Burma/Laos)

I went to the Northern most tip of Thailand, Chiang Rai!

It was beautiful...

Checked out a temple ( I hate that I forgot the name)! It was ALL white with mirror all over...

In Chiang Rai, I also visted some dfferent tribes! The Akha tribe were singing when our group arrived! I took a picture with a few of the women and I was taller by a good foot. I felt massive!

We later walked to see the long neck people. They were so amazing! We were able to hold some of the rings from "previous" women. It fet like good 10 pounds. Unreal! The young girls were SO beautiful too! Wearing bright colors and weaving shawls from cotton and natural dyes... They all had beautiful rosy pink cheeks and the sweetest smiles.

Later, I went to the bordering town of Burma and shopped around the black Market (I bought a watch!) The only really reason to come here was to cross the border and be like, YES! I'm "IN" Burma! :)

Then, I took a fastboast (It really is a canoe FLYING at top speed... I was pretty wet) to an island in Loas.

On arrrival there are market stalls everywhere! & 2 sweet little puppies :)

There were tons of whiskey's with snakes in them.

There was even a "Tiger penis whiskey". Just what you are picturing too... Fermented tiger penis in a jug of whiskey! I declined to tase.

I am back in Chiang Mai now :) Jessica and I take the 9:50 pm train back to Bangkok tonight... The train is about 14 hours !

Then, we try and find our footing... We are hoping to be in Cambodia next!



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