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Sneaky pic of Sistine Chapel

At the Colosseum

Cauchin Monks

I arrived in Rome yesterday and its been a whirlwind of activity, as has every day since I got to London!

I did the obligatory touristy things, like visit the Spanish Steps which is like a crazy meeting place. Everyone goes there just to sit and people watch and it so packed you can hardly move! Of course I also went to the Trevi Fountain, threw in a coin and made a wish then threw in the second coin to endure my return to Rome. I wasn't game to throw in the third coin which would mean I'd marry an Italian!! The Panthenon is a favorite and was so much bigger than I expected.

Little bit of a problem has arisen on tour....my roomie who has been fab, Tanya, came up with some odd spots yesterday. Within a couple of hours she had been to the doctor, was told she has chickenpox, had to leave the tour because she is contagious and so has flown home today. So I am without my roomie and really hoping that I don't catch it! I have had it before so its unlikely but there are 14 others who haven't had it so they could start leaving in droves.... We also had one young guy go walkabout 2 nights ago in Florence and he never came back to the hotel, his pack and passport are still there. So he was reported missing last night to the police. 2 down and 48 to go...

I went to Vatican city today and into St Peter's Basilica, took sneaky photos of the Sistine Chapel, visited the Colosseum and the Capuchin monks in a church which is decorated with the bines of over 4000 monks. Eeek..

I have been eating fabulous pizza and gelati everyday, last night was Nutella flavour. They have Nutella everything here in Europe, the biggest size jar I have seen so far is a 5kg one.

I still can't upload photos, this is so annoying!!


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