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So the overriding rules were the same for this campervan as the last - start after dawn and finish before dusk - because that's when the roo's and emu's are resting. And there is one thing you do not want to do while driving - hit a roo. Not that they care about the roo - they are the only country to kill and sometimes eat their national emblem, but they are concerned about the damage to the vehicle. If you've ever had a run in with a deer while you were driving, you know who wins!

Thus is was only 150 km before we pulled off into another tiny little village - Beaufort, and a stunning little campsite fronting a lake. A nice peaceful spot for being so close to Melbourne. So while Julia cooked dinner, Tomas did some calculations. There was going to need to be some long days driving to get there by Friday. So it was early to bed after sunset. Shortly after sunrise, we were up, fed, exercised and ready to pull out on our first full day of a cross country adventure not many have experienced!


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