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Consulting with our new aussie friends in Rosedale, it was the consensus that the Noojee campsite was the best option before we rolled into Melbourne. So on a coolmorning we rolled out of Rosedale and after a bit of rain and temperature's dropping even further, we found Noojee. Now the cmapsite wasn't obvious so we tucked into a hotel/bar to ask for directions. It was warm and toasty and Julia said we were going back there for a drink after setting up camp.

After a quickly arranged dinner in a very cold campsite, we headed off to the bar. Immediately the aussie's spotted us as touristed and were the first of many to ask "why Noojee"? But once explained they told us all about the village and one gentleman even said there was a much better bar up the road, which he was headed to and if we wanted, he could give us a lift (not that one couldn't walk, but it was still gettting colder).

A fire pit like we've never seen indoors before, a full house with heaps of laughter and great smelling food and countless other aussie's who still couldn't figure out "Why Noojee"? Hours of conversation ensued and when we finally extracted ourselves, a couple, Matt and Mandy insisted we not camp outside but in their nice comfy spare bedroom, a stone's throw from our campsite. Well after freezing on more than one occasion on this trip, we didn't protest too much.

And so, after a bit more conversation we finally hit the sack and with a few hours sleep, needed to hustle off to Melbourne. Not without, however, very fond memories of a small village in the state of Victoria that we still weren't sure "Why Noojee".


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