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Our First (lonely) Bush Camp at Lake King William

Another view of the camp site.

Echidna; more interested in having a scratch than in us.

Around the camp site.

North end of Adventure Bay

South end of Adventure Bay taken from the spot Captain Cook landed.

Sylvia's Comments

On the way to Lake St Clair we did our first 'Bush Camp'. We parked up on the side of a lake and it was just us and the wild life although it was so dark we couldn't see any. The following morning at Lake St Clair we got the snow, you all thought we were basking in the sun!!

We then made our way down to Hobart where we hoped to stay at the Show Ground site; after negotiating the several lanes of evening traffic we eventually found it only to discover no camping was allowed as they were preparing the site for the Royal Hobart Show. We decided to move on and catch the ferry to Bruny Island. I'll pass over the fact that once again we hit a state capital at rush hour and on a Friday. We pitched camp at Bruny Island for our second bush camp in a small wooded area next to an Australian family. Kevin, Donna, and their children Casey and Alex invited us round later in the evening to join them at their camp fire. Whilst sitting on large boulders talking I heard a rustle in the grass behind me and so turned and shone the torch to find a possum so close I could have touched him. I don't know who was the most surprised, me or the possum who sat there for a minute looking most bemused. That night we went to sleep listening to large waves of the Southern Ocean crashing on the beach near by.

On Saturday we had a lazy day, walking on the beach watching the waves come in. Later we walked up the beach to watch the Little Penguins come into the nesting areas. Only a few came in to the penguin rookery that evening but the Shearwater's, (or Mutton Birds) put on a good show dive bombing us because we were too close for their liking. On our way back in the dark along the beach, a mile walk, we saw in our torch light 9 separate lonely penguins making their way up the beach to their home in the sand dunes. Another magic moment as we shared a small part of the penguins lives.

On Sunday we drove down to the bottom of the island to Cloudy Bay before travelling to Captain Cook's Memorial Camp Site at Adventure Bay; this is where he came a shore to replenish food and water.

That night we went up a hill road to spot white wallabies and saw several before having our next adventure.

Jeff's Account.

On trying to turn around in a spot where you should not, the campervan was stuck on a dried mud bank with one wheel down the camber of the road and we could not move. Sylvia walked the two miles back to the site in the dark with a small torch, (donated by Pat and Hamish), and lots of wild life for company. I dug the van free of the bank using our kitchen knives and waited for help to arrive. No traffic passed our way so it would have been no good expecting Sylvia to show a bit of leg to gain passing help. She returned with the camp owner who towed us back on to the road. Another learning experience; I had not realised Sylvia was so brave, or valued time away from me.

The next day we moved on to our second week of Tasmanian travel, stopping briefly in Hobart to put the Melbourne experiences on to the Blog site. We will now write up our second week of Tasmanian travel.

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