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Wintzell's Oyster House

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Mobile Mansion

LOVE these gorgeous trees, live oaks and palms

A canopy of live oaks over Government Street

My Fish

My blue crab, caught on a fish hook

All ready to cook and man is he pissed!

We woke this morning to find the boat on a strange angle. The tide had risen exceptionally high due to the strong south wind and heavy rainfall we've received over the past couple of days. We had the boat tied securely to the dock due to the heavy wind so the Captain jumped out half awake in the pouring rain and retied the lines and added a few more as well as a couple more fenders.

I turned on our VHF radio and heard a severe weather warning, a strong line of storms was passing out over Mobile Bay with dangerous lightening, tornado warnings etc. All boats were advised to find safe harbour immediately which is what we had already done a couple of days ago.

We had already gone from Plan A - taking the boat to New Orleans to Plan B - renting a car to visit since we found that there we absolutley NO transient slips available anywhere in N.O. We had planned to move the boat to another marina and pick the car up this morning but we decided to postpone getting the car and leave the boat here - no point trying to go anywhere in this weather.

By 1 o'clock it had settled down somewhat so we picked up our car and drove into Mobile to do a little sight seeing. The canopy of live oaks over Government Street greeted us as we headed into the downtown core. We took a little driving tour and had lunch at the oldest restaurant in Mobile, built in 1938 and still in it's original location. Wintzell's Oyster House was a cool spot with literally thousands of signs decorating the walls. I had jerk chicken chili nachos, a first for me and John had crayfish tails.

It wasn't a very nice day for seeing sights so we headed back to the marina. I did some fishing and caught a few little fish, one decent sized red drum and 3 blue crabs. I only managed to net one of them though. I still have my line in the water and throwing our crab trap in seems to be a pretty good idea.

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