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Last night the manager of the campground came by and informed us that the water would be shut off due to forecast temps below freezing. I went outside and filled our fresh water holding tank, then went inside and turned on the 12volt water pump. All is good. :)

I went back outside to help Larry shut off the water and drain the lines around the campground. While I was outside, I switched our propane tanks from the nearly empty tank to the full tank because I knew we would be running the furnace. We slept very well with the inside temp of 70 while the temps outside fell to 27 degrees. This morning, Marilyn fixed sausage, eggs, toast, juice and coffee for breakfast. Great start to the day.

I have a busy day planned. Have to get one propane bottle filled, drive to Monroe City to do some business at the bank. Have to transfer money from Wichita to Monroe City, get a new ATM card, get some checks, purchase a 9 mo. cd, run some errands for Jennifer, and see if I can locate my gloves, hiking boots, etc, which are somewhere in a plastic tub in the basement storage compartment.

Marilyn fixed the crock pot with a beef stew before we left for the days activities. Bet the RV will smell good when we get home. :)

I have decided that I am, mentally, going through several phases associated with retirement. At first I felt like I was on vacation. Suddenly, yesterday, a fleeting thought that I had no job flashed through my head. Followed by the urge to find a job. That lasted only a split second before I realized that my "job" is "being retired". :)

Hannibal is having a Festival of Lights for Christmas time this year. People will donate $5.00 per car load to drive through an area lined with lights. We have driven through this kind of display before and they are beautiful. This year, in Hannibal, it is at the Mark Twain Cave Campground. Our little home is right at the beginning, after the entrance, and will be a winter wonderland of beautiful lights. I hope to be able to take some decent pictures to put on this web site. Well, I had better get started so I can see what today brings............

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