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We awoke this morning to temps in the 30's. The furnace in the RV keeps it nice and cozy though, so that is no problem. I still don't know how long the propane will last, using it for heating and for cooking. We have two bottles so we can fill one while the other is being used. I checked the level of propane this morning and one bottle is nearly empty. The system switches over automatically so...no problem, right? I'll keep you posted. I also had to do the "Dump Duty" this morning. It is no problem at all to dump the holding tanks. They seem to need dumping about every 4 to 5 days, depending on the number of showers, etc. Some people think that when we are hooked up to a sewer connection, we can use the system just like a bathroom in a stick home. Not So!

Everything goes into a holding tank, which has a flat bottom. If we simply opened the valve and left it open, the solid waste would simply stack up. We have to allow the liquid to collect in the tank also, to help break down the solid waste. I'm sorry for commenting on such a crappy subject, (Pun intended), but some might be interested to know these things.

The DISH system works just fine now, and all that remains is for me to get permission to receive the major network broadcasts, as we will be moving around and won't always be able to get the 4 major networks off the antenna.

The bed topper issue on the truck turned out to be no issue at all. The bar across the back simply disconnects to hitch and un-hitch the RV. Also, the handle on the 5th wheel hitch, which sticks up higher than the truck bed, became no issue when I simply moved one of the topper supports about one inch toward the rear of the truck. This allows the 5th wheel hitch release handle to be retained under that topper support.

Jennifer's Bridal Shower was held Saturday afternoon and, because there are ladies who read this web site, I have agreed to put some pictures on here. I am in the mood to take some time to show a few pictures of the RV in Hannibal, also.

We have stayed at 4 campgrounds so far. Basswood RV Resort near Platte City, MO, Blasi Campground in Wichita, KS, Crows Creek near Kearney, MO, and Mark Twain Cave Campground in Hannibal, MO. I will not try to rate these campgrounds but I will put any big likes or dislikes into the commentary.

Due to the low temps, we have been unable to sit around a campfire at night, but I still have hopes of doing that before we leave for Texas.

It is time for me to post pictures, so I sure hope you enjoy them.

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