Jamie & Jodie's Big Asian Adventure 2006/7 travel blog

So our trip round North India is complete and Jodie and I are preparing (rather excitedly) for our flight to Goa tomorrow morning!

Today we drove back from Jaipur and arrived back in Delhi for one final night of craziness... Rajhistan was quite an experience, we watched Diwali from the roof of our hotel (with the crazy Indian hotel manager who befriended us immediately) and marveled at the sheer chaos of India celebrating with fireworks... Somehow I don't think the Hale and Pace adverts on firework safety have been aired in the fair country!!!

Reference Jodie's huge foot - Thanks for your suggestions! I'm pleased to say she is making a good recovery and is starting to look a bit less like a hobbit by the hour J

Having called about a million hotels in Goa this afternoon we have finally settled in a mid-range hotel close to the sea, with 2 pools and a large seafood restaurant... oh the misery!!!

Not too much to report on today other than a visit to the Amber Fort - A palace which used to house over 600 members of the king's harem (sounds like he had a miserable life). The place was huge and having been set up like a maze was a little confusing to navigate. Obviously we made it out in the end, but not before a number of choice muttered words managed to slip out of both our mouths!!

We hope everyone is well and promise to start uploading photos and replying to all your messages this evening.

Thanks as always and lots of love J & J

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