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Yesterday I decided to work on the DISH system to get things up and running. I had to assemble the tri-pod, then the antenna, then hook up the DISH receiver and get everything working. We have a dual-tuner type of receiver, but there is only one input to the RV for the Satellite. I knew this was beyond me so I called Steve Huse from Huse Communications, here in Hannibal. He had the answer and came on out to the campground. Nothing like having the pro take over, for peace of mind. He had a special antenna which could combine both signals on one input and then split them at the receiver. To make a long story short, we are up and running. We can get Satellite reception on both TV's and each TV can be looking at a different channel. I just hope I can get it all back the way it should be after moving to Texas in December. Ha! I certainly must say that Steve Huse did a great job. Although he was at our RV for nearly 3 hours, he charged only $50 labor, and only $20 for the parts. Can't beat that.

Marilyn and I stayed awake last night to watch the 7th game of the playoffs, after watching Survivor. It was a great game and our favorite team, the St Louis Cardinals, beat the Mets to go on into the world series against that fine young team, the Detroit Tigers.

Everything is set for the wedding shower, set for tomorrow afternoon. One of my friends, Dennis Greeves, is coming over to spend a few hours with me while his wife, Sonja, attends the shower.

It is amazing how the mind works. I awoke at 4:14 this morning, thinking about the bed topper for my truck. I realized that there may be a problem. The topper is installed so that you can lower the tailgate while leaving the topper fully attached, because the topper is attached to a rail running across the tail end of the truck, just on top of, but not attached to, the tailgate. This is fine for all uses except hooking up the 5th wheel. Back to the drawing board. Have to go see the Ford dealer again. :(

The temps this morning were in the 30's but our RV was nice and cozy. The furnace works just fine, but we are uncertain about how long the propane will last when we heat and cook with it. I'll let you all know when we run out or discover it is low. At least with the 5th wheel we can remove the bottles, have them filled, and then hook them back up.

The motorhome parked next to us had to disconnect everything and drive somewhere to have his propane tanks serviced, then drive back and hook everything up again. One more positive for the 5th wheel.

We have a few more things to do today but things are getting more relaxed every day. I washed the van this morning, we are meeting Steve & Jennifer for lunch, and I will go see the Ford dealer about the topper on the truck. Marilyn defrosted the freezer this morning and we plan to marinate and cook some shrimp for dinner. I plan to attempt for the first time tonight, fixing lemon pasta, to have with the shrimp. Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it comes out......

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