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mountains in Greece

My bus

A nice little lake

So, I checked out and left my bags at the hostel and ran up to the tourist office. They were so helpful and actually spoke english! I got directions to the bus station and a timetable and a handy little guide to meteora. I also booked a ferry ticket from Corfu to Bari in Italy for Oct 24th. I leave at 10:30pm and get there the next morning at 7:30am. Yeah!

The weather in Athens is quite chilly and cloudy and windy. Went back to grab my bags and managed to take the public bus to the bus station and got on a bus headed to Trikali with 2 minutes to spare. A 4 and a half hour bus ride through the mountains was actually really nice. The scenery on mainland greece is quite amazing. I didn't know it had so many mountains.

Once in Trikali I had to wait an hour for a bus to Kalambaka which is the town at the base of Meteora. Meteora for those of you that don't know is a series of monastaries built on top of these cliffs jutting out into the sky. There are 6 still in operation that you can climb up to.

As soon as I got off the bus a little old greek man asked me if I was looking for a cheap hotel. So I went with him to check out the room. Nice enough room with my own bathroom and it had 3 beds in it. It's ina good location so I took it and the guy was so happy. He didn't speak much english but he gave me a kiss on my cheecks and said thank you. He was so sweet. He took my passport down to his office and when he came back up he had brought me an apple.

Headed out to check out the town. Nice place. So much more relaxed then Athens and less busy. Called mom to let her know that i'm ok and to let her know where I am. Found a gyro place and had some cheap dinner. There was a soccer game on so all the pubs and taverna's were full of greek men watching. Not many other females were out and about.

Tomorrow I will hike up to Meteora to check out the monasteries and stay here for another night before making my way over to Corfu on Saturday. Weather is much nicer up in this part of Greece. Clear blue sunny skies. Yeah!

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