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The first above-ground hut on the right was my place of residence...

Close-up of my hut. Cute? Only $3.00 per night! CHEEEEEAP!

Huts across the river from ours. So serene and beautiful to look...

Yes! We shared the beach with cows or perhaps it was the...

Cute boy doing some stunts to help his famly earn some rupees.

Closes-up of the boy performing his dance. He was adorable!! Gave him...

Luxury and expensive huts in southern part of Palolem.

My yoga instructor.

Sweeping view of Palolem Beach!

Hey Yall...

Palolem, Goa, has all it takes to be the perfect getaway, perfect beach, or perfect retreat! While it's a far cry from Kovalam, it is nonetheless a gem of India coastal towns! I have been here the last 4 days and have not been bored, yet! Not that there are so much to do with para-gliding readily available which there is nary in sight! It is just that this place is big enough to wander around and finding something new and yet has a small town charm!

I have found a really nice place called the River Valley, which is right smack between the river and the sea. Actually its at the brim of a valley where the river flows from the mountain toward the sea. There were only 6 huts above ground and 4 huts on ground and I got the one above ground for the very reason I am certain yall already know. SAND! To get away as much from sand it is best to get huts above ground which has wooden floor, a nice simple double bed covered with mosquito net (optional) and a ceiling fan to simultaneously cool me and bug off the mosquitoes!

The weather here lately has been godsent, as it was sunny with some white puffy clouds scattered by as if dropped by the goddess up above! The sky was deep blue against shimmering gin-clear Arabian Sea. The sands were white that one could mistake 'em for salt or sugar! Yeah...I am exaggerating a bit here as it's not that pristine white BUT compared to other beaches I have been around in India, this is WHITE! Not only that but the beach was truly pristine clean with no garbage or mess floating around! Swimming was also wonderful as it's not deep and you wouldn't believe how clear the water was as I could see my feet chest deep in the sea! That gave me more confidence staying in the water longer as I could see clearly that there was nothing lurking between my legs or something on the sand that I could probably accidently step on and be stung! All in was a little piece of heaven here.

I am going to hit up some beaches in Goa as I head up north and continuing my yoga lessons with different instructors so that I could learn different styles and choose the ones I liked best from each as yall know how easily I get tired of strict routines and would as soon begin another hobby! ;-)

Since there was really nothing much around here to do except to eat, drink, read books, watch people, pee and shit and all that I got a lot of time reminiscing what I had seen in India the past two months (almost!). Oy's almost two months already! How time flies when I'm having a ball! There is so much to tell you about their culture, which I am certain, would put yall to sleep if I even attempt to write about it so I won't! I will just write about one thing at a time and over time it should make a nice compilation of India Culture as seen thru Butch's eyes!

Here's my first attempt so brace on and be prepared to have your mind blown as it did mine on occasion! It is truly amazing that I have survived so far after riding in cabs and buses. Drivers are ruthless and brutal here in India! The only rule that seems to take precedent is that size matters. (A bit like us Americans but in a different department!) Big over small! Pedestrians are the scum of the road (Brahman, Vishnu & Shiva - have mercy on them!), bicycles just a tad step above with cycle-rickshaws a mere inch above them. Auto-rickshaws are definitely in better position manipulating through traffics but are no competition to cars or even bigger ones, trucks! Buses rule the road, as they will not stop for anyone! Not even if it was their mom walking over especially President Bush! People actually got on or off while it's still moving! Blessed the aged people who hobbled along and grasped the bar just in time to have their shoulder pulled out of their sockets before getting on the bus! The only time the bus will stop and often to a screeching halt was for for cows! In fact I should say the cows ruled the road even if it ain't big as a bus! Since about 80% of people in India are Hindustan, they revere cows as sacred and will NOT attempt to run over them (or as yall know already know from the McDonald fiasco of using cow fat when deey frying their famous french fries) eat them!

The holy cows are another matter, too! However dumb and dull they are lazily walking (ore more likely strutting) around, somehow they knew they were untouchable for they sure did grinned slightly as they walked on the road and decided to just retire for the moment and lie right smack in the middle of a traffic causing thousands of horns to go blaring in domino effect for up to a mile or more. People would get out of their car and try to coax the holy cow to move without so much as a stick to beat them. They would use the stick to whip their children but not 'em holy cows! I am sure yall think by now that it must be wonderful to be a cow in India. Not so! Most were skinny and sick and always on the look out for food by scavenging around the garbages. Thank goodness there were plenty of garbages to go about but's really a sorry sight! Plastic bags are a serious problem for cows as after they digest them, they got stuck in their innards and started to cause severe blockage so they die a slow, horrible and painful death! A good beef goes to waste on the street. No wonder McDonalds cried foul when they saw this happening here whereas they could collect them and use them for their Big Macs before they become Big Mess on the road! McDonald is another thing but I am gonna save that for later.

That's it for now before I jump on other topics! ;-p Gonna go lapping around the beach and enjoying the sunset before eating a scrumptious Indian dish and topping it off with Kingfisher beer! Yall stay safe as usual!

Big beary hugs,


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