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Was woken to be told that we are now leaving at 9am instead of 10am. Starting to piss me off, everytime that a time is set it is changed.

Got ready and left for Mombassa which we were told we would arrive at at 4 - 5pm.

Had to stop to pick up a spare tyre and get breakfast. Set off for Mombassa, 12hrs later arrived at 10pm. The Chinease are building a new road from Nairobi to Mombassa (Kenyas biggest port). Problem is they started in the middle and have not really got to Mombassa yet. Really a single track road into Mombassa that was practically blocked. They can't be arsed to build a bridge so have to wait for a ferry for the 2min journy across the river that connects North and South Mombassa.

I was a little miffed as we pulled into the hotel. This was what looked like a 5 star place that we were not sure we could camp at. Also, it was Sarahs birthday and could not understand why we could not have stopped earlier in a town to have a drink or meal.

Arrived at Ali Barbers, the 5 star non camping resort to be told we had to order dinner ' Now, as the kitchen was closing'. We all stumbled into the resturant to find all these well dressed white peopl;e. We were all in shorts, gruby t-shirts and flip flops. Feeling good. Decided that I did not feel like eating after a 12hr drive so went down to the beach bar funnily called 'Forty Theives'.

Nice place. Sat had a few drinks then bed. Wilson, Ed & Sarah B stayed up.

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