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It rained all day yesterday, but that was no problem. The RV was warm, dry, and very cozy with the fireplace on and good music on the sound system. I finally figured out the DISH system. Mobile Suites has everything pre-wired so it becomes easy once we figure out which loose cable is "IN" and which is the "OUT" for the DISH Receiver. I also found that we are all set up for XM satellite radio. All we have to do is subscribe. Marilyn and I had Mexican food for dinner last night, Jennifer came for a visit, and we were in bed to read for a while by 10:00 PM. The sound of the rain on the roof was soothing and promised a good night of sleep. I was awake by 5:30 this morning and felt great! Marilyn and I had our coffee, then stripped the bed so she could wash the sheets with the laundry. We put clean sheets on the bed, then I took my shower and drove over to the Ford dealership to get the bed cover installed. Jennifer showed up to say good morning at the Ford place, so I took her out for breakfast. We are going to drive over to Monroe City this morning. I need to cash some checks, make a deposit in our bank account, and put some things into the safety deposit box. Then I will go visit my old barber for a haircut, before dropping by to see an old friend, Dennis Greeves. Denny & Sonja have invited us for dinner on the 29th of this month. Can't pass that up. They are wonderful people and we have been friends since 1979.

We are supposed to have a nice day tomorrow so I hope to get the DISH up and running. Let's see what tomorrow brings......

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