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Roger Check Out Pratt & Whitney Wasp Engine

Desert Storm Scud Seeker

President Thorne Returns From Giving "THEM" What For

Metal Sculpture in Memorial Gardens

Erich and Matthew with Sterling and Monet

Jack, Kim and Erich (back row l-r) Matthew (front)

Roger, Kiml, NancyAnn and Arrow

Erich, Matthew, Monet and Sterling

Erich, Matthew and Spoiled Arrow

Roger and I left the Chicago area on Friday the 15th, and headed towards Ohio, with Dayton being our final destination. We went south on Hwy. 39 until we reached Hwy. 80, and then turned east, through Joliet (where my Step Mom was born and raised), and into Gary Indiana, south on Hwy. 65 to Hwy. 30 and then Easterly.

There were not many places to stop along 30, but I found a place called E-Z Camp in Grovertown, Indiana. It was a pretty place with lots of trees, a lake and secluded camping spots.

Since it is easier for me to get in and out of my seat, I usually do the checking in when we get to a park. So I get my trusty wallet and head to what looks like the office. Well, I think it will be an office maybe someday...right now it is a gutted hulk with a make shift counter and all sorts of lumber, paint cans, wall board, etc., stacked here and there and everywhere....three little yappy dogs up some stairs but no two leggers I could find.

I went outside and walked around back and a guy finally shows up...he had been visiting with the summer stays. Anyway, he gets us checked in and takes my money and then starts telling me he is an ex con...has to wear his leg bracelet for another week, and that Sal, the owner (she is a truck driver and away with her truck), anyway, her boyfriend sure looks like an ex con too. LOL...but he was only in for drunk driving, and he didn't seem dangerous and there were lots of other folks around, so we stayed. Turns out the camp was mostly full of bear hunters, and these folks must have been rich on bear hides or something....they were driving the 500,000+ rigs, and had the most fancy compound bows you have ever seen. There were also some avid fisher people camped. Turned out to not be a bad place at all (we used our own bath facilities--yep, they were filthy) as everyone was really friendly and the lake was beautiful. I wish Sal had been there, I would really have liked to see what she looked like. LOL

Next day (starting mileage 70751) we drove Why 30 to Fort Wayne area. We really like the by pass highways that have been built around large cities. Makes traveling on smaller roads, that mostly go through the center of town, easier. We just get off, circle the city and get back on again.

Keeping on Why 30 into Ohio and then south on Why 127, we continued our leisurely drive through small towns, by beautifully kept old farm houses and barns and some of the most interesting silos we have ever seen. And still the large green, well manicured lawns were everywhere.

At Why 35, we turned east toward Dayton to visit another of my e-friends and her family.

I cannot tell you how gracious Kim and her family were to us, as words just cannot express what a great time we had and how helpful they were. We were going to stay one or two nights. I had promised Kim this would not be a "cup of coffee and good-bye" visit, and it turned out to be so true. We had to have the exhaust manifold on the rig repaired. We took it in on Monday and they didn't have it finished until late Thursday afternoon.

So, they were stuck with us all that time and would not hear of us going to a motel. Kim and Jack and boys......THANK YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS. YOU ARE TRULY GOLDEN FOLKS.

Kim and Jack have two really nice sons, and Arrow fell in love with Erich. Of course the fact that he was allowed in his room after school and on the bed didn't have a thing to do with that.

We were able to meet Kim's folks too as they were at the house Friday night (we were at a local RV Park) on their way to FL for the winter. We had a great dinner and enjoyed the fun of the family time. It was nice to be included.

While we were in Dayton Roger and I spent lots of time at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum. That place is really big, and it was nice to be able to spend 4 hours or so each day instead of trying to do the whole place in one or two days. What fun we had. I have included only a few pictures, so not to bore you non airplane crazies. But if you want to see more, let me know and I'll e-mail out more.

On Friday we headed out (starting mileage 70886). Stayed at Evergreen RV Park in Conneaut, OH. Really nice place. Tomorrow we head into NY and fun at Niagara Falls.

Once again, I am very frustrated with Woodhalls' method of mapping. I am going to put Dayton in the Indiana-Ohio map, but it will not show the correct routing. I would have to use a different entry for about three or four points to get the lines right. That was the reason I gave more details in the body of the journal.

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