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So, I am in San Pedro Sula. Today's stop off on my way to Utila. And I am thinking maybe I should have gone straight through to La Ceiba. Basing this on the fact that the bus was really comfortable, they fed me and since I have got into SAP things have been a bit of a cock up. Crossing the border was no problem and I changed some money and they didn't even stamp my passport...shady border officials. But when I arrived here first things first, I was accousted by taxi driver..this is the norm. I showed him where I wanted to go and dropped him 50 Lempiras and during the ride I arranged to pay him even a little more to come pick me up at 5:30 from the same place to take me back to the bus station. Well he agrees, drops me off, and then I am left at a rather nice hotel that doesn't have my reservation and is pretty posh. That is when I realized that he had dropped me at the wrong hotel and I was on the other side of town. So, I said screw this and started walking. San Pedro is a big middle-class working town and the locales tend to gawk at a 6'4 gringo with his woven guatemala bag and over sized backpacking backpack. Anyway, 20 or 30 minutes later, after asking for some help, I was sweating bullets, my underwear was chaffing me, I had found the hostel. Now I am in the middle of trying to figure out where the bus station is and how I am going to get there at 5:30 in the morning. Like I said, I am thinking maybe I should have just traveled through to La Ceiba.

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