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John and me on Diamond Lil at Green Turtle Bay Marina

Diamond Lil at Green Turtle Bay Marina

Relaxing by the pool in 29 degree weather

The Captain installing our new hot water heater

A romantic Thanksgiving dinner with friends

The sun sets on Barkley Lake

Most of the time the trip is about travelling, moving on, seeing new places but once in a while it's all about staying put and that is how we spent this last week. We were quite happy to call Green Turtle Bay Marina and the town of Grand Rivers, Kentucky home for a 2nd week after returning from the excitement of Nashville, Tennessee.

Back in Clarksville our generator died and our water heater sprouted a leak so the Captain ordered a new hot water heater which took a few days to be delivered. In the meantime he installed a new impeller in the generator and got it working and realigned one of the shafts with the engine as we had developed a little vibration after hitting a log on the Cumberland River. Once the water heater arrived he installed it which was a big job on a very hot day! After we were done we strolled up to the pool which had somehow managed to elude us for the entire first week we were there and and the first 5 days of this stay. It was a beautiful but cold pool but that was ok, since it was a balmy 29 degrees celcius!

We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Mary and Dennis' boat along with Jeff and Sally from Adirondack and Robert from Orinoco, whose wife Patti was away for a few days visiting family. The following evening we were invited to a bbq aboard Adirondack with Jeff, Sally and their two boys, ages 13 and 15 who are along cruising the Loop and being home schooled for a year and once again Mary and Dennis.

On our last evening in Grand Rivers we walked into town to the cozy little Iron Skillet and enjoyed a great old Southern buffet with among other delicacies the most delicious fried chicken I have ever tasted and pumpkin pie so tasty that I had a 2nd piece. Good thing we walked there and back!

Usually after a few days in one spot I get restless and anxious to move on but this didn't happen in Grand Rivers. I'll always have a special spot in my heart for this Kentucky town and Green Turtle Bay Marina.

The weather is turning very cold though, so we're off on our journey south with nice hot water, a working generator and a smooth boat. I can't imagine making this trip without the Captain's skill at fixing things because on a boat something is always breaking.

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