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100 balloons of love !!!

Remember this???

Here's the new Timmy (for now anyway)

Well, this anniversary has kind of snuck up a bit- we remember thinking a few months ago that we had already passed the 6 month mark and hadn't even noticed! We're thinking that's probably a good thing..... Our anniversary fell on a Sunday, which meant that Tim had to work, and I volunteered to work an all night Rave at Science Alive.... A separate company had hired out Science Alive and two workers and a coordinator (I was the coordinator). So Tim was a sweetheart and drove me in about 8pm and I stayed until 8am- and I was awake the whole time- without caffeine!! The Rave itself was fine- earplugs definitely helped and I felt really old- everyone was so young and smelled of alcohol....:) The only unpleasant part of the night was having to clean up vomit from a rug at 6 am.......happy anniversary!!!

So, I thought I would be sneaky and give Tim a surprise for his anniversary- nothing too big- I just hid the present (a NZ wood wine holder) under the sheets so he'd notice when he went to bed without me....:)

But of course- Tim had to outdo me.... I came home at about 8:45 am- Tim had already left for work and I noticed that the house was all shut up- which is unusual. When I walked into the 'cottage' there were all these balloons!!!! He had spent the previous evening blowing them all up with a hand pump. There was also a vase with a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate and a very sweet card- it was definitely a happy ending from a very long night. :) He had also placed balloons around the cottage- in the shower, in the closet, in various food drawers- the bread bin....it was quite funny to find out where he had hid them all. :)

And then the next surprise came when he arrived home! Tim's face was NAKED!!! :) He certainly looks different- still quite handsome, but it's actually taken some getting used to. :) We had some pizza for dinner, and I had made reservations at a restaurant that specializes in desserts- so I had the gooseberry frangipani tart with ice cream, and Tim had the lemon and chocolate cheesecake. Both were exquisite and it was a great way to cap off our day.

We're hoping that we'll get to go hot air ballooning in the near future- dependent on the weather, of course, and the number of bookings they've had. But, we'll be sure to let you know and share all the (hopefully) beautiful pictures! Time is flying for us and it's strange to think we only have about 2 months left of work- even less because we need time to sell Mystery Machine and start closing things up.....yikes!

Because we realize that time is flying, we've really been starting to think about our next '5 year plan' (this seems to work well for us). One of our aims (a lofty one we know) is to build our own house- and we've been getting excited about that idea lately. We've gone to the library and have been researching different options and one that we're seriously thinking about (drum roll please) is a straw bale house. Yes, most of you are immediately thinking- the three little pigs- but actually they're quite cool. Since we'll most likely be building in VT we're thinking of ways to be energy efficient and this is one of them- along with passive solar heating and a masonry stove! So we've been drawing up house plans on graph paper and reading up on the 'how to's of home building......and of course if anyone has any advice- please share!!!

So that's where we're at for the moment- life is still very good!!

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