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Interesting rock - Albanya

Next to the campsite Albanya

River in Pyrenees foothills

Dali museum Figueres

Dali museum

Courtyard in Dali museum

Exhibit in Dali museum

Stairwell in Dali museum

Cadaques,where Dali had summer holidays as a child

Lloret de Mar, the least tacky thing I saw!!

Hawaiin themed salsa party

Coastline north of Lloret

My feet having their last dip in the Med!!

Self portrait - last sit on the beach, Catalonia

.... cold!!

My night in Blanes was quite sweet as Jon and I managed another night together! He missed a night of salsa to catch a cab down to stay with me and I dropped him back in time for classes the next morning - aaaaah!

It is mushroom time here in Spain. There seems to be quite an interest in going out collecting your own up in the hills and mountains to the north of Catalonia. But having seen a fair bit of Salvador Dali's art, and also had a lok at a park designed by Gaudi, I am beginning to wonder if it is magic mushrooms that grow here! When I dropped Jon off, I made thye brave or stupid decision to drive Ducky into Barcelona to visit Parc Guell. It is in the northern suburbs and luckily there was a car park especially for the parc, without height restricitions and it was free!! But I am glad I dont have to drive even in that part of barcelone each day. Ricahard and Alex - this was the park that I sent you a postcard of. I saw the chameleon, and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff but Gaudi was quite sane compared to dali!!

I went to visit the castle that Dali bought for his wife. probably relaising that he must be tough to live with he gave it to her on the understanding that he would only visit when she invited him - which she rarley did. Mostly the castle was quite normal and even modest, but there were weird elephant statues in the gardens and the wife's tomb was overlookedby a big and realistic statue of a girffe. Also on show were Dali's cadiallac, in which he took his dear wife for her final drive around AFTER she had died! I also went to the seaisde town where Dali spent many childhood holidays - Cadaques. It was beautiful there quite unspoilt and I would like to go back one day to also visit the nearby island of Port Lligiat, where Dali spent most of his adult life and where I believe far more weirdness can be seen!! Next day, I visited the Dali museun in Figueres where as well as lots of his art, his own ideas about design have been put in place, incluysing giant eggs on the roof, moulds shaped like loaves all over the outside walls and moulds of washbasins all around the top of the inner courtyard - I just kepy smiling to myself.

But whilst doing all this I stayed in a campsite in the Pyrenees in a small village called Albanya - the first night was freezing, in that tune over and touch anew bit of pillow and be woken u by the shock of the cold kind of way. daytimes can still be lovely, but the nice bits last from maybe midday til 4pm if you are lucky and the light nearlu always seesm like early morning or late afternoon.

After the Pyrennes, i went and joined Jon in Lloret de Mar for the last two nights of his salsa holiday. What a dump that tonw is!! But it was nice to catch up with Marchant, Colin and Anna, and to meet some new people. On Sunday, Jon went off to catch his plane, and I took a beautiful coast road north, where I stopped and wandered through a market, then went on the beach. I sat there for a long time, sure I wouldnt get m last dip in the Med, as the sky was covered in cloud and it was quite cool. I sat there musing about recent weeks and eventually the sun broke through for long enough to warm the air and I grabbed the last swim that I had promised myself - wow the water was more of a shock than it had been previously. I felt quite wistful and more than a tad sad as I tuned my back on the sea to start the journey back under and through the Pyrennes towards the north coast and my ferry home. But the good thing is, I can come home and see my family, sleep in my own soft bed, have a bath three times a day if I want and wash clothes, use the internet, empty my washing up water all without difficulty! Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference, at least that's what my Mum used to tell me when I was young!!


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