2006 Elordi Vacation travel blog

Muddy Pond - sign - Monterey, Tennessee

The Country Porch Sign - CXE & PIE - we had lunch...

The Country Porch General Store

CXE & PIE in a carriage for sale

Mennonite Dresses for sale

More Mennonite Dresses for sale

Mennonite Quilts for sale

More Mennonite Quilts

Hanging Mennonite Quilt

Mennonite Bonnets for sale

More Mennonite Bonnets for sale

Pile of Mennonite Quilts for sale

Hanging Mennonite Quilt w/CXE

Mennonite Furniture for sale

Mennonite Dresses and Bonnets for sale

More Mennonite Dresses and a Quilt for sale

Mennonite Quilt for sale

CXE & Mennonite Woman leading us to the Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry Bushes - CXE & PIE

Blueberry Bushes - Ed & kids

Blueberry Branch and PIE

Cluster of blueberries

More Blueberries

Blueberry Bushes

Ed & kids w/10 lb cabbage & honey in Mennonite family home

July 6, 2006 - Today we went up to the Mennonite Community in Muddy Pond in Monterey, Tennessee. The weather was beautiful and a bit cool.

After driving around a bit and looking in all the shops, we stopped at the Country Porch Store for lunch. We had sandwiches and wonderful homemade soup and ice cream.

Later we stopped at a farm that sold blueberries, eggs and honey. Here she handed us a bucket and showed us where the blueberries bushes were so we could pick our own. There's a picture of Carsen walking out to the blueberries with her. We picked 3 pounds of blueberries. Back at her home we bought the blueberries, a dozen eggs, and a bottle of honey for a total of $5.31. Unbelievable. We made smoothies every night til we left. We also had a couple of wonderful breakfasts with those eggs. At the end she showed us a 10 pound cabbage she had just picked and cleaned that morning. We have a picture of it.

The Mennonites are a religion as well as a simple way of life. They do work outside of the home - usually the husband. They tend to work with their hands like contracting and woodwork. The women all seem to wear prairie type dresses and bonnets. I've taken a few pictures of the clothing for sale along with quilts they made and woodwork. Ed bought a belt in the tack shop. They wrapped it around him and cut it to size for $12.00.

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