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The village of Pal, Andorra

View of Haute-Garronne

A vendre? (For sale?)

A local village in the Haute-Garonne

Unusual architecture

Cathedral St Bertrand de Comminges

Cross France canal

The gates of Carcassone

The outer walls of Carcassonne

Stained glass, Carcassonne Cathedral

Porte cochere, Carcassonne

Inner walls, Carcassonne

Inner defenses, Carcassonne

Interior of Carcassonne

Cafes in Carcassonne

Au revoir

Welcome back -

I've been able to add photos to my first two entries so you'll have a better look at the places I visited. This entry will add photos of the area around L'Isle en Dodon, but first a few words -

Imagine you're living in a part of France just a few hours from the Pyrenees and the border with Spain and Andorra. A morning's drive will take you to either the Med or the Atlantic coasts while you can reach Paris or the Riviera in 4 or 5 hours by express train. Small towns dot the countryside with weekly markets selling hundreds of cheeses, local fruits and vegetables, baguettes with crisp ends, pates and local wines. Medieval cathedrals, abbeys, a cross France canal, village fetes, and the countryside offer lovely drives. The locals are open and friendly and an active ex-patriot community comes from dozens of countries.

Wake up, walk down to the Cafe de la Pays and have Francine pour your morning cafe.

But you'd better hurry if you're going to beat the post-election rush. Chateaux may soon top 250,000 Euros, lordly farm homes are getting scarce, and that perfect little three story just across from the town market may be gone. I've got my eye on a converted mill.

Enough for now. On to Corsica and Sardinia.

Thanks to those of you who dropped me a line. The best trips are always with friends, even though you're virtually here. Hugs.

And lots of thanks to Keith and Clark who have been wonderful hosts and guides to the area. Check out the Gite (Mimi's Gite) on the web and come see for yourselves.

Au revoir,

The Geezer

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