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Lobby of Hotel en Ville, Aix-en-Provence

Lobby of Hotel en Ville, Aix-en-Provence

The "door" to the bathroom, Aix-en-Provence

Quel Dommage! We had to leave Corsica this morning! But it certainly was easy. The St. Catherine airport outside of Calvi is all of a 10 minute drive. I dropped Robert at the airport departure lounge and drove about 500 feet to return the car. The whole airport could have fit into the football field at my high school. We got to see Patrick one last time and then we were off. The view from the plane was amazing. You could see the entire coast line and the mountains...beautiful!

We arrived in Nice, got our next car and were off to Aix-en-Provence. Again, we were facing the 2 hour time frame for lunch. So, I really put the petal to the metal....and with all two cylinders firing (I swear sometimes I thought the wind was going to blow us over and it wasn't even Le Mistral wind), we made the trip in an about 1 ½ hours, which was really good.

Navigating through Aix was not as easy. We missed the hotel the first time through, so, we had to circle around again. Given all the one way streets, we ended up driving down Cours Mirabeau. This is the main drag in the old city of Aix and it is lined on either side by plane trees that form a canopy over the boulevard...truly a sight!

We made it to Hotel en Ville ( http://www.hotelenville.fr )and were immediately enchanted by the host and hostess Guy and Cathy Molco. We also loved that after so many frou-frou hotels, this was a modern with sleek lines. Each room celebrated the colors of Provence and ours was lavender, parfait!!! We also had somewhat of an east view of Mont Ste. Victoire, the mountain that inspired so many Cezanne paintings. The one drawback...no door on the bathroom, just a sheer curtain....me no likey!

We were too late for the lunch place Kathy suggested (of course Robert was pissed!), so we went to the 2nd place she recommended and it was pretty good). Then, for the first time all week, we split up and I went shopping while Robert sat at a café with his book.

We met up at the hotel and discussed dinner options with Kathy. Each place that I had found on tripadvisor.com, she did not like. So, she suggested we go to a place called Mitch. I think Kathy was recommending us to places she likes to go, since place was decorated in modern lines. The food was good and the hosts were so nice and helpful. We met another American couple from Tennessee who were on their honeymoon. They were using a Eurorail pass to see Provence and then go to Italy and get this, they used a travel agent to book everything for them...I didn't know that still happened except for business travelers. One more thing about dinner....I didn't say it before, but the Corsican wine was a real disappointment. I told this to our waiter at Mitch and asked for a good bottle of wine. He said he thought we should try a Provencal wine since we were in Provence. While I didn't have too favorable of an opinion of Provencal wine either, our waiter convinced me to give it one more shot with a bottle he really liked. At 22 Euro a bottle, who was I to disagree. But, it was a disappointment also, being just OK and thin...lesson learned, no more Provencal or Corsican wine.

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