Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Sunrise on my way to Paros

Approaching paros

Leaving Athens

My hotel room

My balcony

view from the balcony

My pool

The beach was so close!

Clear water


The beach

The streets of Paros

another beach

water was so nice and warm

Paros town

kids sailing school

Had to get up ridiculously early in order to get to the ferry port for 7am. Took the metro out there with 2 girls from Red Deer, an american guy and 2 aussie girls. They were all going to Mykonos. I hopped on my ferry and found a seat on the top deck. Because it was so early when the ferry left I got to see the sunrise. I got a pretty good picture of it. Slept most of the way on the ferry. Not the comfiest or nicest sleep but never the less...sleep.

Once arriving at Paros I got bombarded by guys trying to offer me accomodation with their hotels. But, I already had a place booked so I set off down the road to find it. The hotel was right across from a beach and had a rally nice pool. I had a room to myself with my own shower and bathroom which was a very nice treat after hostelling for so long! Even had my own balcony.

I decided to go check out the town and see what there was to do. Not a lot going on since it's low season. There was a few people on the beach so I decided to sit in the sand and soak up some Greek sun. Spent a few hours doing that then decided to go for a swim in the pool back at the hotel.

I decided to go out for dinner at a little outdoor restaurant by my hotel. It was really nice and I tried Moussaka. Tasty. A little kitten was hanging around my feet begging for food. Very cute but skittish.

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