Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

The Devils eye

King Arthur's table

Group photo

altar at a celtic church

Susanne looks possessed

Acting at Minack theatre

Me hangin in the theatre

The stage

The theatre seating

Beach below the theatre

Beach at Landsend

First and last in england

Lands end sign

someone was pinching my butt!!!

Us and a sexy pirate

Pendeen where we ate lunch

island at Penzance

They have the coolest all in one units in the bathrooms

Penzance town


chillin out

hangin in the hostel

why does todd look so scared?

I love this picture

Todd is wiped out


Our little group

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God save the queen...and us!!!

We drove over to Penzance to see St. Micheal's mount. It's a big house on an island close to mainland. Not that exciting but pretty. We went to a place called Madrom next which was in the middle of nowhere and is actually an old celtic well and church. It's still a functioning church. There is no roof but there is an alter where they sometimes make sacrifices of animals. The well also had offerings of cloth to use the water.

Next up was Lanyon Quoit also known as King Arthur's Table. We took a group photo there after we did some weird ritual that our tour guide Gary thought up I think. We all held hands in a cirlce around the stone table and chanted some things and walked around the stones in a circle back to where we started and then we were in love with the person to our right.

We stopped in Pendeen for lunch at a lighthouse and ate our lunch on the cliffside. Was really nice out. We then did a big cliff walk to reach Land's end (which is like John O'groats in Scotland mom and dad) Land's end is pretty much the last place in England you can go. It's really tacky and touristy kinda like niagra falls.

We then went to Minack theatre which is a theatre built buy a lady right into the cliffside. It's an open air theatre still in use overlooking the ocean. Crystal, Matt and Peter where chosen by Gary to put a skit on for us on the stage. Was really funny.

Had my very first Cream tea at the theatre. I thought it was tea with cream...not even close. It's tea with 2 scones, clotted cream and jam. Really good!

We stayed the night in Newquay again. We ate dinner at a fish and chip place and then had a few drinks in our hostel room with the boys (Todd and Matt) before heading out to a pub to have some more drinks and dance the night away.

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