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Flea market #1

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Flea market #3

Arrived in Goa today after 4 days on the beaches south of here. I was sick and was staying in a mud hut with no electricity etc. So things were a little hard. I like it here so far. It's colonial, reminds me of Penang in Malaysia. They have beef and wine that I haven't seen before on the menus here in India.

Still feeling a little under the weather so not too much to say. Going up to Rajastan at the weekend if I can get a ticket. Devali here tomorrow so trains maybe fully booked.

Can't find an cyber cafe with a card reader so cant't upload photographs at the moment.

My birthday tomorrow, probably spend it at the Anjuna flea market (Ben, Dan, Stinky Pete, Liz - do you remember last year at the 'John Lennon Pub in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego? Clare - do you remember you phone calls and the hotel manager who was loosing patience with you? Frances - Happy birthday for the other week! Rachel (Scorpio) - Happy Birthday for whenever your birthday is!)

Plenty has happened since the last update, but don't have the energy to write too much (lack of beer, food and too much time in the toilet). Main thing is my decision to come south, which wasn't in the original itinery. Made it after too many days of mediocore tourist sites, quiet towns and 'pure veg food'. I like it here though so could be worse...

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