The Carlson's Travels 2006 travel blog

We camped at what used to be the Mobile home park at Chanute AFB. Paul's friend Larry Raines went to Air Force Tech school here back in (Do I dare say it) 1961. He and Larry were stationed at Westover AFB, Mass in the mid 60's.

We toured their aerospace museum. Several interesting aircraft, including a B58, but most of them are in pretty sad shape. Like most private museums they have a lack of funding and volunteers. The base here closed in 1993, and most of the buildings are also in sad shape, with the exception of some of the officers quarters, which are now privately owned homes.

We continue to be plagued by asian beetles. We kill 30 to 40 a day, INSIDE the coach, and that's with windows, vents, and doors closed. Have no idea how or where they get in.

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