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Well, much like Anaheim, you cannot go to Paris with a 10 year old and not visit Disneyland. We made the short hop from Paris to the suburb of Noisy. Noisy is a true 'burb' that looks like any modern suburb in North America including the mall. Pretty much the same as home except at home we don't see all the stores close their doors for two hours at lunch. Global branding makes it possible to buy a lot of the same products that we see at home. The variety of food items is different and we really enjoy the cheeses and fresh baguettes.

Our day in Disneyland was great as the weather was perfect and the crowds light. Although not as extensive as California or Florida, we were able to cover the entire Disneyland park at a comfortable pace in one day. This did not include the Disney Studios theme park, but we are not covering that one on this trip. The Disney park itself did not disappoint and lives up to the Disney standards we have come to expect. Most of the announcements were in several languages, so it was quite comfortable for Carson and Doug as well. No pictures unfortunately as our batteries were drained.

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