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More of campground

Yesterday was another beautiful fall day in Hannibal, MO. We decided to get some chores done so we made a trip to Wal-Mart, filled the van with gas, and began working on the basement storage area of the RV. One of the things which is so nice about retirement is that, even though we are as busy as ever, there is no sense of urgency as there always seemed to be in the "working" world. We took everything out of the basement and put boxes and tubs on the picnic table and on the outdoor carpet, then began sorting through things and getting things in their place. By the time we were finished things were neat and orderly, and we had twice as much spare room as before. When Marilyn asked me the question: "Did you get the tubs out of the back of the Van?" I probably had that "Deer in the headlights" look for a moment as I realized that I was not quite finished. But with the reorganization of things, we had plenty of room and soon had the job truely complete.

Marilyn decided to relax with the TV while I took a nap. That is a luxury I have not been able to enjoy except in retirement. Wow! I slept about an hour and awoke refreshed, even though I was awakened by a phone call, rather than waking up on my own.

I had a nice conversation with my friend Ralph, from Wichita.

Last night, Marilyn and I went to the home of some friends for dinner. Steve was frying catfish when we arrived. He handed me a cold beer as we stood around the deep fryer watching the bubbles and the fish. It doesn't get any better than this!

We were back at the RV by 9:00 PM and had a good night of sleep.

This morning, after coffee and a refreshing walk in the brisk morning air, we are again trying to get the web site updated. I hope to get some more pictures posted for you.

I am also going to try to find a bed cover for the truck today.

Our daughter, Jennifer, called and she is on the way to Columbia, MO, with our future son-in-law, Steve. He was a snow-boarder in his younger days and has banged up his knees pretty badly. He is scheduled for an MRI today. We are hoping for the best.

Another long time friend of ours, Dave Norton, has been having problems with cancer on the spine. He is waiting for results from an MRI which was performed yesterday. Please keep Dave in your prayers.

Well, it is time to attempt to upload some pictures. Lets see what awaits.......

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