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My Cousin Louise Walker And Her Husband Colin Cox



We said goodbye to Cora and Nadine and headed off to the beach for a walk and a visit in the later afternoon. Louise and Colin took us to a part of Jericho Beach/Spanish Banks that we had not seen before. There is a great view of downtown Vancouver from that spot. To our surprise, we stumbled upon the UBC Day of the Longboat. This is held each year at the end of September to encourage friendly competition between the UBC residences. I remember Adia participated in her first year at UBC - I was amazed that she would even consider getting in a large canoe and racing in the ocean.

The competition was just winding down and there were wet and tired looking students dragging themselves out of the water, heading for the pub to celebrate. We decided to stay dry but join in the pub atmosphere. Colin couldn't believe what wusses Louise and I were because we wouldn't sit out on the verandah in the setting sun, ocean breeze and drink cold beer. This gave me the perfect opportunity to explain why I am heading to Asia - I hate being even the slightest bit cold. Very little chance of that in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia or India.

We consumed the largest plate of nachos I have ever seen, a Longboat Special that day and caught up with family happenings over jugs of beer. We all headed over to Kitts Beach to meet up with Raj and his friend Carl at the new Watermark Restaurant, built after demolishing the old concession stands/change rooms. The view of the Bay and the distant lights was a lovely way to spend our last night in Canada. Our waiter wore his sunglasses long after the sun set, good staff is hard to find these days and the management seemed prepared to cope with this "speedy" employee. Raj and Carl were livid when he spilled soy sauce on Carl's suede shoes and then proceeded to swear a blue streak - made the evening memorable in a way no restaurant would care to be remembered.

Last minute packing was all that needed to be done. Raj was away early the next morning on a business trip west to Calgary and we left for the airport a little later to head east.

I was dreading our flight to Asia on Air Canada. Haven't had a good thing to say about the airline for a number of years so we had a light lunch at the airport terminal - Dim Sum - before boarding. We didn't want to risk relying on Air Canada's food for the journey ahead.


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