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The taxi to Bottle Beach!

Extreme Jenga

The view from my bungalow

The bottle beach viewpoint

Happy days!!

All the way from Surrey

All about the Swiss!!


Ok.... now we're cooking!!!!

Left Bangkok Saturday and travelled south to Ko Pha Ngan and arrived in the most amazing place I have ever been, 'bottle beach' in the north of the island, only accessible by boat so doesn't have too many people staying, but enough for a good atmosphere.

Litterally living in a hut on the beach, this is what it's all about... and have earmarked it for christmas.

The beach is based in a bay, decided to take a 3 man kayak out with Nick and Gary which was amusing, until we got out of the bay..... all of a sudden the water changed, stronger current, choppy sea, black cloud came over, heaven's opened.... it was a ruddy nightmare, nearly drowned. Gary thought it was appropriate at this poin to mention life jackets were available bu didn't think we needed them ... absolutely amazing !!

So it's all about late night Skinny dipping with Phospherous (prob spelt wrong) basically the plankton lights up if it's dark enough so you swim with thousands of tiny lights in he water (happens in the film 'beach) ... just one of the most amazing things I have ever done, it was beautiful. Was very surprised when the swedish girl agreed to join me also .... just doesn't get any better!!! :0)

We have also met some really nice people and got involved in a few extreme Jenga games (very rock and roll) and a litlle bit of poker. (Rimmer, Robbo, Coxy .... you'll be glad to hear I came out on top...although you can only guess the opposition, it was like playing Broomham!!!)

Anyway, must dash... next on the agenda is the full moon party on Saturday, we are travelling south of the island to Ban Tai, then getting a boat in .... get involved !!

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