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I got a text two days ago from Migs (from Bridlington - I think I already mentioned her) to suggest that we try to meet up at Terradillos de Templarios today to celebrate getting half way to Santiago. My problem at the time was that I was just over 60 k away - but I'm here! Yesterday I did over 32k (with a head on wind) and today about 28 k. made possible by a new pair of trainers purchased in Burgos. So the boots are now on their way home, and the blisters are nearly a thing of the past.

Last night, after my 32k, I treated myself to a single room in a Convent, with bathroom, and bath. What bliss, and only 18 euro. The night before was interesting. I stayed in a tiny village, and the man in the local bar said he would cook supper. When we got there he presented us with a huge paella, followed by a vegetable stew (made with organic vegetables from his own garden), bread and as much wine as we wanted, and only wanted to charge 7 euros! This Auberge tonight is fantastic. It is a private family run auberge - single beds (no bunks), washing machine, internet, supper and breakfast provided, all for 14 euros.

The dogs walking the camino are staying here. I saw one of them the other day with both his front feet in bandages, but they are off now and he seems to be walking fine. Then I heard that yesterday the other dog got in the river for a swim but was having difficulty getting out, so one of the chaps leaned over to help him out and he fell in, complete with rucksack.

Heard the other day why the shell is the symbol of the Camino. Apparently the early pilgrims used to carry shells to use to drink out of at the fountains.

Anyway, I am off now for the half way celebrations.


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