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We spent the week in Austin, Texas, enjoying the beautiful city. I had a great couple of days going to a National Real Estate Mega Agent Camp, learning all I could about being a real estate agent. Now we just need to find a state to do it! Nothing on the plans as of right now, but it's always good to have training.

The kids spent most of the week relaxing and doing schoolwork. They did visit the Capital Building in Austin (the biggest capital building in the country!) but didn't get any pictures.

One of the things we found most interesting, and unattractive about Austin was the amount of homeless. On every intersection, and sometimes multiple corners of the intersection, were homeless requesting some form of a donation. I think it was the largest concentration I've seen. They were outside the city quite a way as well as inside the city.

When we first arrived, the Home and Garden Show just happened to be going on. We decided to go and ended up getting a 3 day 2 night stay at a 'Dude Ranch' in Bandera, Texas (for a small presentation!). We decided to go and absolutely enjoyed ourselves (except for the small presentation) and had a wonderfuly relaxing time.

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