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Our anchorage at the Harpeth River last night

Lovely spot

My catfish

The Captain strikes his favourite pose in the Cheatham lock

Having dinner in Clarksville

I wasn't planning to add another update so soon but since we have internet here in Clarksville, compliments of a boat 2 slips behind us called Adirondack what the heck. I was thrilled when I checked today and found that the website had received 101 visits yesterday!

We anchored in the beautiful Harpeth River last night. It was wonderful to be anchored again and I caught a big ole catfish. We had burgers on the barbie for lunch and jerk chicken for dinner. MMMMM.

Yesterday was a gorgeous, hot day with temp of mid 80's and today has been even warmer. This evening at 5:30 it was 89 degrees here in Clarksville.

We got a lift to the Walk In Clinic with Jeff from Adirondack in his rental car to see about John's foot which has been bothering him for 2 months. It turns out that he has plantar fasciitis which sometimes takes 18 months or so to recover from. The doctor told us that her husband has the same thing and that they are also boaters. He got a prescription for anti-inflammatories and is not to go barefoot, is to get a heel cushion for his shoes and not walk too much. Hopefully it will get better soon.

What a hospitable town Clarksville is. One of the members of the town council and his wife came down to get the boaters' impressions of the new dock and we all assured them that we loved it. One of the locals came by with 2 little 100 ml bottles of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey for all the boats, 2 extra for us because we are Canadians! Another local came down to the river with his food wagon and fed all the boaters steak, chicken, sausage, rice, beans, corn and biscuits and wouldn't accept any payment. Southern hospitality once again. The dock is full of boats and there isn't a spot to be had.

We stocked up on groceries after seeing the doctor and cabbed it back to the boat. It is a beautiful, balmy evening here on the Cumberland River.

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