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This was a fine day for a retired couple. We were awake and up at 7:15 AM. I haven't slept that late in years. After a nice walk in this beautiful campground, Marilyn fixed bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we took another walk. Marilyn relaxed in her lounge chair, with a book and a cold lemonade, while I fixed a crock pot full of chicken soup. I then fixed up our "The Dray's; Home is where you park it." sign, given to us by Jennifer & Steve, cleaned out the basement storage. Well, the truth is that I simply straightened it up a bit. Still a lot to do in there. I assembled our new portable gas grill and put connections on the spare sewer hose. We had a call from Kathy who informed us that she had just wrecked her van. Thank the Lord, she is OK.We drove over to see her and dropped off some things we had brought from Wichita, for her and Steve. By the time we got back to the campground,Marilyn decided that my activity was a spark for her, and she set to cleaning the trailer. It is all magnificent now! Then I had a call from my good friend, Ralph, who asked me to come back to work to fly a delivery flight of a new Sovereign aircraft, to Madrid, Spain. Marilyn had that tight lipped, head shaking look in her eyes, so I declined the offer to go back to work just 2 days after retiring.

Jennifer, Steve, Al & Gloria, all showed up around 4:30 PM, took a tour of our new home, and went home early since they had been on the road from Michigan for about 10 hours.

We just brought Jennifer and Hannah (The Dog) home and will now head back to catch the TV shows for the evening. Yeah, I might be able to get used to this lifestyle after all.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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