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This is the city where I will be spending the majority of time in Brazil. It's the capital of the most southern state, Rio Grande Do Sul. It's one of the country's biggest cities but probably wouldn't seem big compared to cities in the UK.

Southerners here are called Gauchos (after the independent-minded cowboys who once drove herds of cattle amongst the plains here) and they love drinking chimarrao. I like it too! It's a form of tea drunk from a wooden unusual shaped cup and through a metal straw. There's a special way to make it, you pour herbs (made from maté plant) into the cup - a lot of herbs - and after arranging them you fill the cup with hot water. You see people walking around with their thermal flasks and wooden cup all the time at all hours of the day. Can you imagine us walking around with a cup of tea all day long??!! It's through chimarrao and churrasco that they stick to their traditions. Churrasco is a huge BBQ feast they have here of a variety of grilled meat - my heaven!!! It's great on a sunday afternoon in the country when the Sun's out.

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