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Chelsea, Ann Michele, Steve And Connor Ewert

Geneve, Kinder And Surinder Deo

Dinner With The Deos And Their Friends

The Gals Versus The Guys - Can You Guess Who's Winning?

The Gals Smoke Out The Guys



Adia and Geoff dropped us off at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal - the first time we had ever travelled as walk-on passengers. It was really great to be independent of the car - Vicki took the time on the ferry to compose some entries for this trip journal. She will have to get used to making use of quiet time like that to make sure she captures the details of the journey.

Our friends the Ewerts met us at the mainland terminal and we headed off for a tour of their new home under construction in Ladner. Steve Ewert has been in the custom homebuilding business for many years, but due to the hectic pace of development lately, he has had to pull the workers off his own home to be sure to meet the deadlines for his clients. As a result, they find themselves in the situation where they have to be out of their home in 10 days and their new home is nowhere near ready for them to move in. Looks like they might be using the tent they purchased many years ago for shelter. The only time it has ever been used before is when Adia took it to Burning Man.

After lunch at Moxie's the Ewerts dropped us off at the airport to pick up our rental car. We were given an upgrade to a Jeep SUV - a monster car with horrendous gas mileage - but at least we could get around easily to see friends and family in our last two days in Canada.

We drove through pretty heavy traffic all across the city and over the Lions Gate bridge to North Vancouver and our friends home high on the North Shore Mountains - with a view overlooking the whole of Burrard Inlet. It was great to see the Deos again and to catch up with their daughter Geneve and all her experiences as a young professional just out in the working world. She somehow manages to attend college as well, studying Criminology in addition to her full-time job.

Surinder and Kinder invited some friends over for the evening to continue the fun that we had when we met them for the first time this summer in Golden, BC. We had a fabulous home-cooked Indian meal and then the gals proceeded to trounce the guys at Trivial Pursuit. We haven't played the game in years, but it is amazing how much laughter it generates. You can see from the pictures that we had a great time - I couldn't resist taking a picture of the game pieces midway through the evening - the guys had the darndest time getting even one pie!

After a great sleep, several cups of tea on the front terrace in the warm October 1st sunshine and then a wonderful breakfast prepared by Kinder - we bid them farewell and we headed off to meet with some family members who live in Vancouver so that we could say goodbye to them too.


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