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Streets of San Cristobal

The best looking Mexican I have found

Mexican delicacy-fried banana and churro

Mexican jewellery displayed in cabinets on rice


Trying to sell me bracelets, I think he was about 4!

Me and James (he is not a giant, odd photo!)

Drinking games (alcohol is hidden as its not allowed in the room...)

San Cristobal bus-gorgeous!


San Christobal


All babies are carried in sarongs

Tour guide-interested and helpful as always

Random Mexican

Hola people,

I arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas yesterday via the bus from Palenque on the most winding road I have ever encountered, through the Lacandon Cloud Forest. To be honest, i didn't see anything of the forest, I dozed for most of it. We had been warned about the road earlier so I took travel sickness pills and was fine but not everone was as fortunate. More than a few people ended up worse for wear after that 5 hour trip.

"The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time."

- Colette, Paris From My Window, 1944

I'm not sure what the altitude is here at San Cristobal but the weather is far more mild than anywhere else I have been so far and when I took the lid off my sunscreen it exploded all over me with the pressure...

There is virtually no humidity here which is FANTASTIC!! Its still warm in the day, probably high 20's and gets down to about 20 degrees in the evening which is positively arctic compared to what the temperature has been up until now. I'm enjoying it while I can, I know it won't continue!

San Cristobal is a great little colonial town and my favorite place so far. It has a very electic mix of cultures from the indigenous Mayan people that come to town to sell their weaving, knitting, etc to the locals trying to polish my thongs(!) and selling fairy floss and helium balloons on the street. Kinda of a surreal place to walk around, you never know what you'll see next and it has such a carnivale atmosphere.

The buildings here, as in most of Mexico that I have seen, are all such a variety of colours. It would be nothing to walk along one block and see 12 differently coloured buildings, and all really bright blues, purples, pinks etc. The streets are mostly one way, pretty narrow and paved with cobblestones with looks pretty cool.

Gross observation:

The sewage system here isn't quite up to scratch and so it can't handle toilet paper, you have to put the paper in the bin which is revolting, especially when the person before you had a case of Montezuma's Revenge (commonly known as diarrhoea!)

Cocktails here are so light on the alsohol content that it just like drinking the mixer with nothing in it, so best to just stick to beer or buy your own spirits separately.

Cowboys boots and hats are very big here, am considering a purchase to fit in with the locals, lol.

Sorry if you have sent me a message since I left and didn't receive a reply, there has been some drama with the site, which I wasn't aware of and have been merrily sending replies out in the world wide abyss, but its now fixed apparantly so you should get my replies in future!!

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