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So, we started the trip off way early, if you ask me! Our flight left JFK at 6:45pm and we left our apt. at 2:50...the taxi driver and the Robert ganged up on me to tell me how important it was to be early...blah, blah, blah. They were both so smug when we got to Delta and the line was out the building and down the street. I just held my tongue. But, once we got inside the terminal, there was no line whatsoever, and we breezed through. I felt justified in knowing I was right as we sat there for almost 2 hours! But why does Delta manage their line in such a backward way?

As for the new security measures, frankly no one really knows what to do, my ziplock bag of a small bottle of lotion, lip gloss and mascara made it passed the TSA agent who said she wasn't going to "sweat me" for these items. The mighty ziplock bag seems to be key, since a lady with a tester size vial of Chanel perfume was taken. However, the person with the 20oz. bottle of lotion wasn't so lucky, even though they stuck in a ziplock baggie. This item prompted another TSA agent to say "the ziplock bag people and the weapons people are making all the money. If you want to make a lot of money, invest in these....seriously." I had to laugh at that of course.

I would be surprised if the lady who started screaming at a TSA agent made it to her gate. At the top of her lungs, she was screaming "I am I done here? You just left me standing over here after you stole $100 from me, you asshole!" I was waiting for them to take her away in handcuffs, but no such luck.

Just when we thought we were completely in the clear, we were accosted by the flight attendant. I was just there in our incredibly small seats (a condition that caused Robert to endlessly divulge the details of how much better business travel was by saying "when I was in business class, they would ......"), drinking my water that was purchased by Robert after the security checkpoint. When he bought it, there was a sign stating it was "clean and approved by Homeland Security". That did not stop the flight attendant from telling us that had I not already drank from it, she would have confiscated it and informed the pilot that it was on board. She said, "well, you drank out if and you didn't die, but that's what could happen to you...that is the risk you are taking and taking for everyone else." Ummm, that was pleasant!!! I had enough, I took my ambien and drifted into a world of non-existence! I totally forgot I was even on a plane.

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