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Old dtown

Five pagoda Lamasery monument

"Jurassic park!"

70% right?

Enjoying Inner Mongolia's finest hotpot

Downtown Huhhot

Central square, note the traffic police parade over to the left

The first place I get to visit in China and the last stop on my trans-Siberian railway trip is Huhhot, the capital of the 'Inner Mongolia autonomous region' province.

This city has made a real impression on me, a great introduction to this vast country. I can't help but notice absolutely everything around me as it's all so different, from the loud traffic to the bicycles (more numerous than the cars) to the hordes of bright, multicoloured, huge neon signs which light up the buildings at night. I've found myself taking photos of anything, much like those Japanese tourists in London- never again will I mock them! (well maybe just a little bit!...)

There are some interesting imperial chinese and buddhist monuments which I was able to take a tour of. The local guide, Wong, was very helpful and showed me how to use chopsticks and some excellent local restaurants. Good job as I'd have had no chance on my own, this is not a very touristy place, in fact yesterday I didn't see a single western (or non-chinese) face all day long.

The very friendly local people stare at the strange tourist (well I hope that's why they're staring at me!) and they say 'hello' as I walk by just because of the novelty of seeing a foreigner. In fact local slang for a foreigner is amusingly, a 'hello hello'. So I found my attention caught a fair few times as I walked down the street as people pointed me out to eachother!

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