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Sunset at Red Point Provincial Park

Mussel Beds (white bouys) are all over PEI

Had a bit of experience with the controversial cheaper Canadian drug market today. I was running out of a prescription with no generic equivalent in the US yet. I went to a local pharmacy and the pharmacist said that while he couldn't refill my prescription, he could sell me a month's supply of the generic equivalent. Even over the counter, it ended up costing less than 1/3 of the price I would have paid in the US without drug insurance coverage. Interesting.

The pharmascist and I had an interesting discussion about why generic drugs find their way to the Canadian market faster than in the US.

Tried to visit the mussel interpretive center, but found it had closed. But there was an interesting video at the information center. Mussels are grown in long, round nets called ropes. They are harvested all year long, it was very interesting to see them pulling the ropes heavily laden with mussels up through a hole in the ice like ice fishing in Minnesota.

Drove to Red Point Provincial Park along the Northeast coast, one of the few provincial parks in PEI still open. Had a beautiful campsite overlooking the ocean.

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