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Just a quick note to advise our readers that we will be unable to post any new entries for a few days. We are finished at the house. We close on the house at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning, will visit the bank (Money going IN and not OUT this time. :))

We will then prepare the trailer for an early morning getaway on Wednesday.

We will stay overnight at Crows Creek Campground, just west of Kearney, MO.

Thursday morning we plan to be at our RV dealers place of business at 8:00 AM, to have a few squawks corrected on the Mobile Suites. Our plan is to spend one more night back at the same campground and then drive to Hannibal, MO on Friday the 29th. We will have internet access once we get to Hannibal.

About one month at Mark Twain Campground in Hannibal before they close for the season. We then plan to move to Cozy C Campground in Bowling Green, MO. until we leave for Texas in December. That is the plan for now. I'll be glad when we have no agenda to adhere to and can just "wing it". At least we are in the very early stages of living the dream. Most of the hard work is done. Thanks to all of you who have been an inspiration to us as we struggled through the process. Hugs to all.

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