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Today is a clear crisp day in Wichita. We are spending the morning cleaning up the house, running the vacuum, etc. We have 1 room with boxes and misc items to take back to Missouri so I will load those items in the van while Marilyn does the cleaning. We want to leave the house looking nice for the new owners.

I intend to wash the van and the truck today, visit the bank, and install a tire pressure monitoring system on the truck and trailer.

Yesterday was a very nice day. We attended Mass and then joined our neighbors for a meal at Cracker Barrel. They insisted on buying, even though I tried to inform the waitress at the beginning that I should get the check. Herb & Deb, along with Audrey and Daniel, have been wonderful neighbors, and we intend to stay in touch with them.

My boss, Dave Schanilec, came over to load some things into his truck. He will store some things until we return in December for a short visit, on the way to Texas.

Marilyn and I then went to the movie where we met up with Ralph & Rosalie and Dave & Judy, to see "Flyboys", and interesting film about WWI aviation.

After the movie, we went to eat with Dave & Judy. Ralph had to go home due to a very early simulator session this morning. We hate to say goodbye to dear friends. That is the most difficult part of this whole thing. It isn't furniture or house or "things". It is the long time relationships we hate to give up. Our intent is to stay in touch with

e-mail and this web site, until we can see each other again.

Tomorrow we begin getting the trailer ready for the trip back to Missouri.

After 10:00 AM tomorrow we will no longer own a home and will officially be Full-Timers. Can't wait to see what's around the bend......

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