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Cancun Airport

Me, Melissa and Josh in the shuttle to the hotel

My first destination in Mexico...Walmart

I have finally arrived in Cancun, Mexico...it only took me 37 hours to travel from Terrigal to my final destination!

After the relative comfort and quiet of Los Angeles airport things went a little crazy. I flew to Dallas, and discovered that due to bad weather all flights were delayed, including mine. So, no problem, I found a McDonalds and had a quarter pounder meal and read a book...for the next 4 hours.

Once I got on the plane to fly to Cancun, bad weather struck again so the flight was diverted towards the west coast of America for awhile before we could head back to Cancun. This added another couple of hours to the flight.

So by the time I arrived in Cancun airport, I was exhausted, grubby and ready for bed. I stood at the baggage carousel waiting for my backpack to appear, and waited and waited...

No bag.

So then spent the next hour or so explaining the situation to a most helpful and apologetic Mexican (who of course couldn't do anything to help). I wasn`t the only one whose luggage was misplaced and so ended up sharing a cab with Melissa and Josh to get to my hotel. They were in a worse position than me, they had missed their transfer due to the delays and couldn`t get to the island they were supposed to be at and had nowhere to stay.

Arrived at the Hotel Plaza Carrillos about 1am, we all checked in then had the shuttle driver take us to Walmart so we could buy some esentials; toothpaste, soap etc. Then back to the hotel and eventually to sleep.

I am hoping that my bag will turn up today, in the meantime I am off to buy a new set of clothes to change into!!

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