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Got up had all my legs intact and constructed the most amazing breakfast of ceral and toast. Today we head for Marsabit with our armed guards. Apparently the next section is quite dodgy for bandits. The road which, on the map, is the East African Highway is in what most people desvribe as a 'shit state'. There is not a patch of tarmac anywhere. Everytime we hit a bump I nearly hit the roof. The road is seriously corrigated so have to keep the speed up. So far I have a sore back and a dented shin. Yep just from sitting on my arse.

Arrived in Marsabit quite a strange little town and stayed at Jey Jeys, well Jey Jeys back garden. Campsites are not quite like Austalia here. Decided to buy a sim card for the phone as mine does not seem to work. The card Safaricom (Vodafone) cost all of 98 pence. Thought it was about time I made my first phone call home.

Went to the pub for a few beers and then to bed as we have to be up at 0430. The next section is the worst for tyres and we need to get through before the rocks get to hot and eat our tyres.

Get to see yet another sunrise.

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