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As we head further east, we are excited for two reasons. We will be in Oshkosh and the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Museum and I will get to see Nancy K and Rex, who will be my first e-friend visited on this trip. Although, over the years, I have met 8 other friends, this is still exciting for me. Each friend I see in person is like opening a Christmas present. There is that slight unknown factor. I have a deep admiration and love for all these folks I have known only online for so many years and the anticipation and hopes that they will find me acceptable in person is real.

We spend our first night in Wisconsin at Iron Mountain (which I guess is really in Michigan, according to the maps) at a super place called Summer Breeze.

Roger and I have been very impressed about all the well kept and beautiful churches we have seen coming across the country. But in Wisconsin, there seems to be a particular pride in the small towns and their churches. We have not seen one yet that was not painted and the lawns manicured. And almost all of them have a steeple reaching high in the sky, over the tops of the town, showing the way to the church.

And, even in the most humble of circumstances, we have seen that most people's lawns and gardens are also well tended. You can tell the folks might not have much money, but the homes are taken care of and the grounds are beautiful. It is nice to see such pride in self for a change.

We turned off US Why 2 at Iron Mountain and headed south on US Why 141, picked up US Why 41 at Green Bay and continued to Oshkosh. I just cannot get over how much expanse of water comes with the Great Lakes. They certainly were aptly named. We have seen snatches of Lake Michigan on part of the drive today.

BEANS: For two days we have seen bean fields. Acres and acres of beans. I keep forgetting to ask someone what kind of beans they are. They are not pole type beans (string beans), but a small hard sort of off white bean. Since that could be several types, I still don't know what they were. IF I find out, I'll edit this page and let you know. IF any of you know what they are, let me know.

We arrive in Oshkosh and find that again there are not many RV Parks. We knew this from the RV book, but sometimes there are several which are not in the book. But we found the Circle R Campground, not too far from the EAA Museum and stayed there. It was not very expensive and was adequate for our needs. Thank goodness we had the hot water fixed as the bathrooms did not look like they have been cleaned in months. I just don't understand these people who have businesses and act like they don't care about anything. Maybe it has been a very long and hard tourist season for most of them.

Roger and I have been laughing, because for two days we have been on one detour after another. Today, while trying to get to the EAA Museum, we did our own unofficial detour. We missed a turn and ended up circling the airport and the Museum for 30 minutes, trying to find our way through convoluted streets back to where we started. We said we were in "detour withdrawals" and just had to have our detour fix. LOL

We knew we were going to be at the museum more than one day, so we took out a family membership and started around the large museum.

I took lots of pictures, but will only put a few in this journal. Anyone who is dying to see more pictures of airplanes, let me know and I'll send some to you e-mail (after I have them all cropped and named).

We have great admiration for the men and women who have risked and given their lives so that general aviation and military planes could be perfected. From the time of those Wright boys until now, it is amazing to see the progression of flight. We know we will see more of this on the military side when we got to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and see their world famous museum too.

But for today, we are mesmerized by those who have gone before and who had vision that ordinary men and women could take to the sky.

We didn't have much time today, as we got there late. Tomorrow we will drive the car to Sussex to visit my e-friend Nancy K and we will spend Tuesday (12th) at the museum again.


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