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American Valor Comes Into Port. Notice the large counter weights on bridge...

Empty and Riding High in the Water

I was standing directly under the bridge as it came down. This...

Bridge going down after ship entered the harbor.

I did not take this photo. From Duluth web site.

Another from the Duluth Web Site

Beautiful Water Feature on Canal Place. At night it is lighted from...

Another view of the fountain.

Today we pulled into the Indian Point Campground in Duluth, MN

When we came over a rise and saw Lake Superior for the first time, I gasped..."I didn't know Duluth was on the ocean." I had never seen a lake so large that you could not see to the other side in all directions. It was such a deep color of blue that it seemed the water went on for ever and ever.

Indian Point sits on the extreme SW corner of Lake Superior, on sort of a back bay. There were thousands of birds on the water, but we could not see them for the beautiful trees and tall bushes that line the lake. We knew they were there because we could hear them call to us -- "Come on in, the water's fine and only about 35 degrees."

We got situated, took Arrow for a walk and then headed to town. I wanted to walk on the boardwalk at Canal Place, right where the freight ships come into the harbor. It was a beautiful late afternoon, warm and perfectly clear, and I just had to see this lake that looked like the ocean. You can walk right up to the edge of the ship channel and watch the ships come and go and watch the aerial bridge go up and down. In fact, it comes right down over the walkway and it seems as if it will crush you before it stops. I took a short video of this, but it did not show how spooky it really is to stand there while that bridge comes back down and stops only a few feet from your face.

We had dinner at a famous Duluth landmark Grandma's Saloon and Grill. This is paraphrased from the back of the Menu.

Grandma's Restaurant Company was founded on the legend of Grandma Rosa. Legend has it a young Italian immigrant named Rosa Brochi opened her first boarding house to lonely sailors in the Great Lakes port of Duluth Minnesota, near the turn of the 20th century.

The menu goes on to tell about Grandma and her "young ladies." And there are pictures of Grandma and her "young ladies," so I asked the waitress if Grandma was a Madam and she confirmed my suspicions. I guess "boarding house" was as good a turn of words as bordello. LOL

It was very noisy inside, but the food was great and the price was not outrageous. Afterwards, we sat upstairs on the patio and watched some freighters come in.

The next day, was very cloudy and the wind was blowing like crazy. Lake Superior was really like an ocean with waves coming crashing in on the shore. And the storm surge in the ship channel was something to watch. I have a video of that I will send on request, but it is a very long download on dial up (just to warn you). The wind and the clouds did not deter Roger and I from enjoying another meal at Grandma's. This time we ate upstairs, inside where the area is glassed in. We were warm and again had a great meal. The most wonderful part of it was meeting a retired Lutheran minister and his lovely wife. They were full of stories of their many years together. He was a chaplain during the very Korea and into Vietnam. Then they were in several churches in Minnesota until his retirement last month at 83. He had to retire as he is slowly loosing his memory.

All in all, Duluth was great and I hope someday we will make this trip again, with no time agenda to see the colors. I know we are missing lots of wonderful stuff along the way. TTYL

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