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Kerrville KOA, Texas

We are back in the land of "trees" at Kerrville, Texas. The trip here was a challenge because of the side winds all the way. Stopped for gas on the way and only paid $2.39 per gallong. Quite a difference from over $3.00 in California. We'll only spend the one night here and then get on the road in the morning. For the second time, I killed the car battery by having the key in the wrong position while we are traveling. The only way to get the car in neutral, is to have the key in the lock. It is supposed to be in the accesory position, but I goofed, twice, and had it "on". There was a mobile mechanic at the campground changing a tire for somebody, so I borrowed his "Jump Pack" and jumped the Saturn. The mechanic told me that Walmart sells the jump pack for about $40 to $60 dollars, so we will pick one up the next time we are at a Walmart. Looks like I'm going to need it. Of course, after I buy it, I'll never make that mistake again.

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