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Rafted with the Swiss Crystal in Strasbourg

Building in Cathedral Square in Strasbourg

Astronomic Clock in Strasbourg Cathedral

Rose Window in Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral

Carousel in Guthenburg Square in Strasbourg

Petite France, Strasbourg

Hotel where Jacque Chirac stays in Strasbourg

River Ill in Strasbourg

We sailed at 3:00am this morning and, while it was not mandatory, most of us woke with the departure. We slept off and on till we finally rose before 8:00am and had breakfast.

The morning's travel was not particularly interesting as it was between dykes in flat, featureless countryside punctuated by gravel extraction plants and three locks. The latter have become ho-hum when compared to the excitement generated by the first one on the Mosel.

We arrived in Strasbourg as we were having lunch. The boat was "double parked" and we had to walk through another ship to reach the shore. We disembarked and boarded our coaches for a tour of the sights. It was interesting to see storks in a park and some of the European Union Buildings. Picture taking was limited as we did not leave the bus. We arrived close to the cathedral and walked the rest of the way to it, touring the interior with a very informative guide. The most remarkable part of this was an astronomical clock. I found this particularly interesting after being disappointed in Prague last year where the astronomical clock there was under renovation. The guide then took us to an area known as Petite France, not for any romantic reason, but was where the syphilis ridden French soldiers returning from Italy were quarantined.

We walked around a little after another unsuccessful attempt to locate an Internet cafe with open USB ports. This has become quite a problem and we are getting far behind in updating the website.

Strasbourg would be a very interesting city in which to spend a longer a time. The contrast of older and newer buildings is marked and appeared to have a more comfortable feel than Geneva which, last year, we felt had a cold atmosphere. Both house international institutions and are comparable in size.

We returned to the ship by bus and Christine had the misfortune to slip on the same stairs where the captain's wife fell last week. Christine was not badly hurt, but has a skinned elbow and some bumps and bruises. We got ready for dinner and, after coffee, retired for an early night in preparation for an early rise to explore the Black Forest tomorrow.

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